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How to solve a problem called Bristol?

Whether you’re a resident, commuter or visitor you’ll no doubt notice that Bristol can sometimes be a bit of nightmare to get around. Ok, so every City has its drawbacks when it comes to transport. The well known traffic black spots we all try and avoid, the overcrowded trains, the buses that never turn up…

Brand new?

2016 has been a pretty lousy year in many respects. We’ve lost musical, theatrical, and sporting talents along the way all with creative flair in their own fields. Bowie and Ali spring to mind – leaders in their fields for being pretty revolutionary in what they did and changing the course of their chosen discipline…

VR – The Age of Engage is Upon Us

The time of ‘lean back’ experiences are over, and the age of engage has begun. With an average of 68 minutes each day watching digital videos, users’ lives are saturated all sorts of video content each vying for attention. Which should come out on top? The lucky are the viral, the unusual or the downright…

2K17 in 4K – Innovations in Online Video

Video and film has seen has seen vast changes the past couple of years, from innovations in drone technology seeing aerial shots becoming more commonplace, to 360 degree shots that enable the viewer to take that extra step to being immersed and all sorts of other innovations that are rapidly changing the production of all video…

Bringing language to life

Sometimes language can be tricky to discern and the very nature of bringing language to life visually is a job afforded to designers. There's no question that fonts are an important part of this. Fonts by their very nature can have an emotive impact on their user. They help use relate to language (or words)…